Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Ramblin' On"

Hey here's some more fun TV/Movie news!!!

“The Guild” is a finalist for the SXSW/On Network Greenlight Series Award!"

--- Here's a little blurb as to what that means ------

"We are excited to announce that our little indie series, The Guild, is one of 5 finalists for the series prize for the Greenlight Awards, sponsored by SXSW and On Networks! We are eligible for a $10,000 dollar prize to shoot more episodes with, and the contest will be judged by lots of fancy people, including Rick Linklater! The winner will be announced March 9th at the SXSW Interactive festival."


Well their we have it... we're movin' up the success ladder with this one. Still a ways to go before the big buck Kaching! However the artistry, efforts, talents and persistence are top notch. Those are the real lasting rewards... and yes, we all like to eat so the kaching would be a welcoming factor.. lol.

I've got some tours comin' up. The one most recent 'past' was a quick Frankie Avalon gig in the Palm Springs area. Very nice, good weather, nice place, exceptional band! The sax player on this particular gig used to be with Barry Manilow - sure the name Barry Manilow doesn't evoke sax excitement unless you've seen the show. He had a huge solo spot featuring him on that tour - and well deserved --- and a darn fine nice guy too (George Shelby)...

I guess if forced to complain about the gig I'd have to say the food wasn't so swell. A small complaint but ya gotta eat sooo though I "fully appreciate" the effort it takes to assemble, coordinate and please everyone's tastes - the added bonus is that the food taste good. It's rare that it happens but sometimes it does. I'm one to match a complaint with a positive... the cookies and Chinese chicken salad were slammin'. There ya go.

Next tour up looks like the Progressive Rock band "Rocket Scientists". We'll go to Mexico and Ohio for the the progressive rock festivals... later in May we'll go to England for another festival. I got my setlist and CD in the mail today. This helps me 'remember' what the heck I did on the RS tour last time out. It's a lot of music to remember however when the tours are closer together a lot of the notes stick in my mind. It's the 'first' one from the 'time away' that ya need the biggest memory jog.

Hey, there's a deluxe rumor I heard about the Frankie Avalon and Bobby Rydell show. There's talk that they may go into the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas for a month. Ohhhhh imagine sittin' in that lovely hotel for that long. I'd enjoy that. Last gig in Las Vegas a few months ago... I visited the Venetian Hotel and yes, took pictures with the family on the Gondola ride, ate in the theme restaurant and walked around and around. Hey with a month of time on my hands I'd probably get around to 'scuba divin' " in the canal!!! Actually I bet there's two ways to accomplish that!
1. Rent scuba gear and dive in!
2. Don't pay your gamblin' debt - they won't rent you gear, just heavy shoes - and they throw you in!!! (brump bump - but seriously folks!)

Hmmm I need a picture for this blog... I like to see pictures... alright, I got it. Let me see if I can 'scan' the "Schiff Family Gondola" ride and put it here:

Awww there ya have it. My sweety! 
(The one on my left! - Yikes don't wanna get in trouble here).