Thursday, May 31, 2012



    I was performing some concerts in Vancouver and teaching a Stick seminar. Taking a break I ran into a Wizard. Who new Wizards live on Granville island. Good donuts too!

Happy Mother's Day!
There is a space in which no words lay, the emotions are still raw, the love so binding. It is here where my heart is the heaviest,
my resolve the strongest. The love - the resurrection of our moms existence in our life... From out of the darkness, do we deliver our finest hour.


Came across a fun picture I'll call: "Once upon a "Tour Bus". A particularly nice one too, I slept well, everyone had there own bed area with a 'TV!". We were filming for a 'reality show' and and the producers stopped the bus a couple times, once to have a snowball fight!!! I figured 'Stacia" blonde on the right, couldn't throw so I stood still to let her try and hit me... Lol . She got me square in the face. Later we pulled the bus over and all got Snow Mobiles and went crazy. The filming was fun, would of made a hysterical show however.... Time goes on and now I look back at the pictures and smile and think "What's everyone doing now!?"

That's my pal "Lance" on the far right, I'll see him tomorrow, (we write and play music - Also I help (very little lol) with having the construction business and restaurant involvement with him.

Next to me is a fabulous drummer "Bob Do". Also Lances nephew, "God rest and bless his soul" he passed away some years back.

The person in the middle, I don' remember "yikes, I'm sorry".

And of course that's me, far left, probably thinking, "whose that in the middle? She seems like such a nice person"

Watch the previous vidoe first "Friends like these", This is a follow up to the joke Pat played on my car. He dared me to drive it to a gig... And so I did! Tag alone with "Manny, Moe and Jack" and myself as we stop for lunch and find the gig!: