Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cross Country

Okay, well it sounds bigger than it actually is. I'm headin' out to Mexico tomorrow for a concert with "Rocket Scientists" at the Baja Progressive Rock Festival. It always sounds good to say you're going to another country, but from where I am in Los Angeles,... it's not so far.

We are crossing the border at Mexicali and meeting up at the "Jack-in-the-Box" across the border, where there will be festival personnel meeting us to take us in to the festival... and hopefully into "Jack-in-the-Box" too, I'll be hungry by then. Alright maybe a different restaurant, I can get Jack in the Box anywhere - obviously. 

Like the time I went to France and Africa only to find many Mc Donalds, or Japan were Kentucky Fried Chicken was big. They even had a nice statue of Coronel Sanders in front of the KFC. I took a picture,... hey speaking of which, once at the "Ronald Mc Donald House", I met Ronald Mc Donald. Yeah, the orange headed clown. It was nice, I got his autograph. He wrote, "Your Pal Ronald" on a paper cup. Nice.

Okay, then onto Lakewood, Ohio (near Cleveland) where Rocket Scientists is performing in concert at the Winchester club... You see -  sayin' I'm flying across county to Ohio isn't nearly as exciting a story as "crossing into another country".

I'm tryin' to entertain here, tell a good story, keep us goin'.

Well, early day tomorrow, I'll be back Sunday, with a story from 'another country' and Ohio too.

Oh hey, I forgot to mention, "Ya know,... I have rather spiffy NS/Stick solo piece in this concert. If ya miss the concert no worries, it's being video-ed for future dvd's. Sure ya may have to wait 10 years for the 'next' box set, but hey... the notes will still be good... donuts on the other hand... not so good after 10 years. "Twinkies" however, I don't think they ever go bad, nor do I think they are an actual food. What is that filling they have in there. Lol, Okay, they taste good, what the heck.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

YaY! The Guild Won!

Well, extra Congratulations to us all again -- This is the update -
"The Guild" has now won the 
"Yahoo 2007 Best Web Series Award"
                           and the
"YouTube Best Series Award for 2007"
----------Many Thanks to  you all----------------------------

Congratulations to all. We won best online TV show by the South by Southwest Film Festival, It takes a full circle of people to make that work, including the people that watch the programs. So... "I salute the full circle" and thank you very much.

The prize is $10,000 to make more episodes and so we shall. 
This Friday if you are not doing anything and would like to be an extra go to www.watchtheguild.com it will tell you where and when in Los Angeles we are filming. C'mon down!

Today we also found out we are one of the five finalist for the Yahoo series award. 

Just wonderful news.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! cartoon.

My niece looked so cute in this, I thought I'd pass it along to you with a "Happy Saint Patrick's Day" wish to all of us.