Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Wait a minute! There's 10 seconds of Acting"

I had blast being a part of this film. It was the first film I ever scored and the first film I ever 'acted' in. THough we can hardly call it 'acting' I have done several "10 seconds of acting" spots throughout my career. I must put all of them together one day and then have a 'Blogovision' show called "Wait a minute - I'm acting!"

Joanna Cassidy said to me, "Your a very good actor", well I've carried that moment around for a long time. Looking back on that day I have to say to myself! - "Wait a minute (or 10 seconds) she was in the van the whole time, she didn't see anything - OR was it the magic of Television and she shot her scene later and maybe did see my "charge" at the van. Anyway, she was a pleasure to meet and so very kind to at least say 'anything' nice about my seconds on film.

Pat Duncan who is a dear friend thought it would be fun to throw me in a scene as you'll see later as the "10 seconds of acting" BlogoVision episodes unfold. I'm in 3 of the movies he's made. It was nice to be on the set to get of feel for what is going on while waiting for the 'shooting to 'wrap' - (Listing to me with my 'cool' talkin' ). Once production is done shooting and the editing is finished, you are then able to 'score' the music to the film. SOOO meanwhile "I chased a cars like a dog', ate all I could on the set and had fun while waiting for the editing to complete so I could write the music".


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

RainFall - short Video

Here's a lovely (short) video of me singing and playing the NS/Stick. The tune is "Rainfall" (d.schiff, t.winfield). Have a listen, later this year I'll have a full version of this tune out, it is one of my favorites...