Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lot of Music - the way I like it!

It has been a Very busy week. The three Indian gaming casino gigs were a blast. The shows went over incredibly well, standing ovations on all. Great venues especially the Valley Center casino, the stage was out doors and part of the area was cut into the mountain side. Just lovely.

The stage was about 7 feet high and allowed the ground crew to work from underneath. It was funny to look underneath as it was obvious the stage crew makes themselves at home. "Hammocks were hung, laptops and coolers resting near by with little christmas tree lights strung all around" . It looked like an underworld tent city.

The real excitement for me of any tour of this nature... "Hotel/Gambling casino's" is that in being part of the act you get to eat for free. Soooo these tours become the "Whose got the best Buffet" tour! "AND the winner is!!" The "Valley Casino" with the "All You Can Eat Lobster" buffet. Apparently I can eat a lot of Lobster, crab legs and shell fish... I had a wonderful meal, It took me about an hour and I topped it all off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that I put in my coffee... Ahhhh very nice day.

After that string of tour dates I returned home and needed to finish some horn arrangements for the TV show theme I co-wrote with Lance. Great theme (in our opinion Lol). The session went fantastic and the Theme came out even better than I imagined. My worry was that I don't write horn charts that often, the session horn players hired are top notch session players and I didn't want to show up with something 'poorly written' out.

One tip to good writing is considering the nature of the instrument you are writing for... for instance... I play a stringed instrument, I don't blow into my instrument, so I can 'eat' donuts and drink coffee before I play an not worry about blowing "bits of food and drink" down my horn!! or more on topic... Horns run out of air when holding out notes, not a pretty sight to watch 'em run low, even less pretty - is the look you'll get for writing out notes that long!

I will confess I pushed it, effective to the tune - but non the less a bit long... any less of a horn section would have collapsed. "Great job Guys!" and sorry. (They were kind - no glares just pro playing). Tomorrow the 'suits, executives, decision makers, those that write the checks" come into the studio to listen. Keep your figures crossed for us. This would be a nice gig.

After tomorrow, I will go back to writing/recording for the Smooth Jazz CD. It is coming along just great. I'm very happy with it, great players and the studio we have to mix and master in will just give it that 'high end' pro sheen it will need to fit that style of music.

My next Progressive Rock solo CD needs is coming along as well. I'm halfway through writing it and a lot of that has been recorded all ready.

Speaking of PROG ROCK, the "3 Rivers Progressive Rock Festival DVD" is out. THis was a great concert feature 10 Prog Bands:
"Rocket Scientists (yay us) , Flower Kings, Spock's Beard, Neal Morse, California Guitar Trio, Gongzilla, IZZ, Mandrake Project, Manifesto and Kalon." (A lot to see and hear to be sure!)

I was sent my 'promo' copy and enjoyed it a lot. The camera angles (multi camera shoot) and editing are very nice. The sound is "BIG". Impressive package. I recommend it.

Very nice 'still' picture section to the DVD of each band. "Deluxe picture of me on one of the DVD pages. Ya gotta love that, nice surprise.

Okay, long day time to relaxe.
Have a great weekend everyone and I'll do the same!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Golden Boys/gig in San Diego area

I had taken down the "Golden Boys" gig at Valley View Casino (through a mix up) that gig fell through for me.... however I just got the call . I'm on it. See you all there if you are planning on attending. It is a very nice show and a lot of fun to see. Great memories if you are familiar with these 50's icons of early rock.

Deluxe, Cool, Super, "See your there!"