Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pat Benatar

Oh back sometime ago I co-wrote a song called "Cerebral Man" with my writing partner Tully Winfield. Pat Benatar recorded it and the album "Wide Awake In Dreamland" went Gold. I have a nice Gold Album in my studio from this. I found this on YouTube and brought it on over, if you haven't heard it before, "Give it a Spin" as we used to say back in the day of "records" that you put on a turn table that 'spun!". This was the last year that albums were made with CD's that later took over.

Okay then, I have a few days comin' up in the studio to get ahead on a few projects, that's gonna be nice. You all have a nice weekend coming up, be safe and we'll have a re-cap of the year soon. We swung at some nice projects this past year, we'll take a look!

Good nite,


Thursday, December 24, 2009

DrummerBoy 09 video

This music is a solo piece I performed at a gig and decided to learn to use my HD camera and import audio and video for our future "BLOGOVISION" shows. Yes, I made up a new word 'blogovision' to describe my usual 'blog' that we will now "See and Hear". It will be the "Show n' Tell" of blogs.

Okay enough talk, go watch, I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did making it. Hit "pause to let it load" so it doesn't stop to "buffer" while watching.

"Merry Christmas" everyone!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Love this Season"

Happy Holidays Everyone!

It's "Streamy Awards" voting time, cast your vote for "The Guild" as Best Comedy Web Series.
You'll need the address to the series, (www.watchtheguild)
and that would be where you put my name in. Excellent.

The show was nominated last year and won several categories. I had a road gig at the same time so I didn't get to attend. This year, the road calendar is clear then so "I'm ready to put my fancy clothes on and take the wife out for "free" dinner and drinks, maybe pick up an award too!

I love this time of year. I had a nice Christmas gig and played had a Stick Solo feature. It went great, so great in fact I'm recording and adding video to it. It will be my first "Video Blog" or (Vlog). Neil (Neil Bettencourt) is workin' on the drum tracks now so I can start the video. We're movn' along - working on it, it's a race to get it done before Christmas... this Christmas!

"Mike P" the Hells Angel rapper I had in the studio the other day got a gig opening for "Bone Thugs-n-Harmony ". I got a photo of Mike finally and some video footage I will add when I "Vlog" about his session (upcoming show).

Here's a Picture of "Mike P". He's such a nice young . He'll be back in the studio in January to lay down some more tracks.
Well it's gettin' late, full day tomorrow so I'll say good-nite and see ya soon!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

"A Very Progressive Christmas"

"A Very Progressive Christmas"
A Lovely Compilation of Christmas music done in a "Progressive Rock Style".

It is now up and looking lovely. Click the title (in green and red letters) and you will be taken to the site to Peruse/listen/purchase.

My contribution is called "Christmas Time Is Here".
This was a lot of fun to write and record. I had never thought to do such a project but when the opportunity came up it seemed like a wonderful idea. Create a Holiday feeling song with musical inflections of Progressive Rock music.

I have Neil Bettencourt playing drums on it supplying phenomenal drive and groove. The NS/Stick is used mostly for the instruments and just because we can, it is a vocal piece as well sung by myself. Wonderful project, I wish them the best with this one.

This being Vo. 1 "I'm guessin' next year.... they'll be another".

Hey maybe continuing the theme their should be a "New Years" CD. The Catch is you have to record and finish by 12:am Dec 31st - Fully hammered on your favorite beverage! (That would be "Egg Nog" for me,) but hey I'm in.

All right, on to the next project, crankin' 'em out now.
What is that next project? Well one of them is to accompany "Lance" as he sings " America The Beautiful" for the opening of a "Los Angeles Kings" hockey game. I'll let us know when the time comes which game it will be should some of you like to "Come on out and Cheer"... Or do like my son will and come to watch to see if Pappy slips on the ice while walking out. He would love that and "LAUGH!"

Once while touring through Detroit in winter (Ice and Snow everywhere). I was getting on the nice tour bus and the person in front of me on the first step - Reaches down and grabs the front of my coat and pulls me up and in the bus. Very 'impressive' yank and Very kind of "HER", LOL, she just thought, "You just look like your gonna fall". Young adults today! You get past 30 and they think your gonna break your 'hip' just gettin' outta bed!

Alright the tree is up, lights are blinking "Christmas Time Is Here" - go give it a listen.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Ridin' the Wave" of good new news.

So "Mike P" (Hells Angel member) came back into my studio and we finished his song "One Percent". Lovely tune dispite all the 'cussing' (I'm numb by now after having to hear it so many times while arranging and recording the music) He is now off having pictures taken for some lovely opportunities that have come his way. The song is being listened to for possible selection for the "Sons of Anarchy" Tv Show.
Then he is being shopped to the head of Columbia Records next month. He has some wonderful connections going for him. I love to see that happen for nice people.


It is a download album, I will be contributing an original Christmas song track.

"I'm almost done!" Then it will be added to the download album. I have the great "NEIL BETTENCOURT" playing drums. He is really bringing it 'home' with his excellent drumming and production studio. "Yay Neil".

I'll keep us posted when it will be available.


Hey the update on the "Don Tv show" (for lack of a better name). I'm lining up "special guests" OH it's getting FUN now!

AND if that's all not news enough! My Pal Lance will be speaking with Jerry Bruckheimer next week regarding using our music catalogue for future TV shows he produces, that would be wonderful. We have quite the catalogue.

ALL for now, you have a wonderful evening/day depending on your side of the world. And a lovely world it is.