Sunday, March 7, 2010

Satellite Sessions

Hi Everyone,

I did a 'Satellite session' as I call them. It is when you get called to do a recording but you 'stay home'. You get sent the tracks, you load them into your studio, record your tracks then send them back to where the session originated.

I love it, comfort of your own home, donuts within reach and coffee in hand. You run the tracks, feel the peace, the notes, you take in the spaces between the rests and really "Feeeeel' the music... THen, Okay while your in your musical ZEN zone you hear the wife yell "WHY HAVEN'T you taken out the TRASH yet!!" but ya know, it's all balance. Heck I didn't have to load any gear and drive anywhere!

Anyway, this session originated from Canada for "Carrie Graham". Lovely artist, singer/writer. I first met her when she was Kerri Anderson signed with a major Impact Records. Great album and with that album - she was nominated for a Juno award that year back in the day. I was hired to play bass and of course ended up playing Stick as well on the album. This video link I'll give you was made for the tune "Ghost" I"m guessin' this was around 1993.

So now we're gettin' closer to my point that is somewhere near, I'll find it. Ah yes, so now she is Carrie Graham... Why?!?!? you ask, I'm not sure, but what I know of the story is very intriguing and mysterious... so I say to myself, "Why not ask her for more details and find out!" Well, I then must admit the other side of my brain says, "Nah! enjoy the mystery. The answer may not be as good an ending as what you think! (Maybe she just got Married!) And so....."Heck, I don't really know why the name change really. Both names are lovely and fortunately the artist is the same.

Oh yes, so did I mention I played on a cut of her new album. Sure they don't print 'em out any more, ya go to a site and download it, but you can also just listen at:

It has a real nice 'India ethno' (for lack of a better description) lick I put on the NS/Stick bass line prior to settin' the groove. Her style of music is I would say, Folk, New age, World. What a blend, but wonderful writing, I had a blast, have a listen. We did the NS loud 'n Proud! Yay Emmett, Ned, SE and all of us in this wonderful Stick community.

PS. I got credited as playing "Chapman Stick" however to clarify - it was the NS/Stick - the part would have worked on either. Both instruments were next to each other, I just picked up the NS. I don't think they realized since they didn't see me play anything that there was any difference between the instruments and thought "Tomato - Tamahtoe"