Monday, January 19, 2009

A quick Vote

The Guild Season 1 is now available on DVD!

The online TV show "The Guild" that I wrote the theme is up for some 'new' and 'improved' catagories. 
"Best Original Score" being one of them. "
And that's where I come in!" So... if you would cast a vote at:

and scroll down to: 
"Best Original Music" then 'click those words'
Put "Don Schiff" in "composers name box" (I voted for him too!) 
Series name is : The Guild

For "Best Original Comedy" of course vote "The Guild"
....And there ya have it! Thanks in advance.

The show is an exclusive on Xbox. You can download each episode (Season 2 is now available) onto your Xbox or see them online, 4 weeks after Xbox gets them.... yup! I see them 4 weeks later Lol, I don't have an Xbox.

Well I just got back from Las Vegas and I'll post some pictures from the gig, I'll be getting them within the next week. It was fun. The son of "Don Everly" (of the Everly Brothers) joined the Frankie Avalon show and sings his dads hits with Frankie. It was fun and I'll talk more about that later when I have some pictures from backstage. 
Excellent! See you real Soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"Score one for "Good job!"

  So I was sent this job from my agent Renee at "Eight Of Hearts Entertainment". She said the Regis and Kelly show were looking for a new theme. I thought I'd show you the video with the theme music I wrote for it.
"darn fine job if I say so myself".

Though they didn't chose my theme, regardless, it sure looks and sounds great. I thought I'd share it with you - being that you put a lot of work into writing/recording/contracting players - "and that it won't see the light of day on TV" ... it can live here for the moment. My thanks to Renee and all that were involved.

(Tech talk for those that care: I played the NS/Stick for the guitar and bass parts, added 9 tracks of trumpets, Flugelhorns and drums).