Friday, December 30, 2011

What's New

Today 12/29/11 I was in the studio with Tully Winfield and Rye Randa. Both great writers, singers as we are coming up with some new tunes for a publishing deal Tully has. We need to write and submit for Twightlight Dawn Breaking movie. Wish us luck, a foot in the door to place a song maybe more. However it all starts with sitting in the studio, writing and arranging. 

Lovely studio off the 101 and Riverside. I'm near the 118 and Reseda. Very California to mention freeways and how long it takes to get somewhere. Everythings a half hour away. Now it may take me a few hours to finally get out of my house but... once in the car, 1/2 hour I'm there. Got a new coffee maker soooo that should help get me out of the house sooner/faster and caffine charged.

Tomorrow we (Tully and I) will write from my home studio. (Lovely studio off the 118 and Reseda if I didn't mention that already). We have a few projects to write for. Complete 3 songs fully recorded for the publisher, (12 in total but I like to break it down into smaller groups and smaller time frame). A new young singer I met who had a good "Disney Radio" audition for "The Next Big Thing" program they have. I thought we could help her (Lexi) by writing a song and give it a 'full' disney-esk production. A lot of work but I enjoy it. I enjoy it especially now that I'm at a point in my life where I know a lot of incredibly talented people to do what they do best. Different from the days where you had to do everything yourself, record, clean the studio, produce, play all the instruments, clean the studio,  write the lyric, arrange the music,  write out charts if need be, clean the studio, learn the new recording gear and buy the latest plugins.... now it is a lot easier, I just clean the studio! Lol of to bed early day tomorrow 10am writing session.