Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home Movies

Ahhh home movies, well almost. We feel at home in this studio. I've been recording there since ohhhhh Way back! I think Lincoln was president. I even may have met Erik in that studio. Back in the 80's, maybe my first deluxe studios I did sessions in. Back in the day when their was a huge Studer 24 track tape deck.

I get asked a lot what's it like in the studio. Here's a cool look. This video was shot at "Woodcliff Studio" in Sherman Oaks, California. As you'll see in this 'movie above' it is a rather complex tune and we've got our heads (okay, my head) buried in the music. LOTS of head nodding to cue each other "Heads Up odd bar and lick alert!!!"

It also has me playing unique instruments aside from my already unique Stick instruments. You've seen me with the NS/Stick and the Grand Stick but this video also includes the "Bowed Guitar". It is a guitar that has a cello like bridge so you can bow each string individually or together. Check it out. I thought you might get a kick out of it.

In the full length DVD this footage is from, the next scene has me in front of the 'donuts' of course.

Luck Man

Just released, a portion of the "LOOKING BACKWARD DVD from the Rocket Scientist box set. This is some footage of Emmett Chapman (Stick inventor and genius) and myself. Go visit and you'll find some other 'super cool' video and music as well. How fun is this, to be video-ed with some one you admire so much and respect. I'm a lucky man I tell ya!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Goodness, picture technology today.

Wow Time

Well the GUILD has done it again, WOW (and not World of Warcraft) they are a busy bunch. Here is a blurb direct from the site 

"We are very excited to announce that cast members of The Guild will be appearing at ComiCon in San Diego, July 24-27th! We will be staging out of the California Browncoats booth, tables A7/A8. The far right of the convention center, near the back wall, next to a lounge area!" 

So from what I read last year 125,000 people attended... Ohhh darn nice convention! This will be wonderful as they will make available for sale "SEASON 1" DVD of the show. After that, it will be available for purchase elsewhere. Yay TEAM! Mind you I'm excited because I wrote and scored the theme and interior music. Though my work gets heard every show at least twice... it appears I'm VERY busy with the show, "You really record it once, and it gets place in the show". However I feel busy everytime I watch the show! ...... 

Maybe Season two, I'll ask for a walk on part, that would be fun. I do that every once in a while. You can rent a movie called " '84 Charlie Mopic". Yay, true enough I'm in it! For REAL! Early on in the show you see me painting Rocks White. Yea, it's a big part alright, it's in there with my other big part I had in a movie called "Live From Death Row" with Bruce Davidson and Joanna Cassidy. In that big Block Buster of a TV movie I run up to a moving van (nearly got run over) and yell, "lana I love you, I love you!"... Now here's where my 'smart thinkin' comes into play!"  The line originally was, "Lana I love you!"     Ya see what I did there?... I doubled the line,....  Ohhhh on camera instead of 2 seconds.... now a feature length 4 seconds. Oh yes, another 2 seconds I might a been notice by the academy... Navel academy! Brump bump!

Okay, I gotta session, we'll talk more later.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gettin' ready to hit the road

Well, Rocket Scientists is getting ready to 'hit the road' again. On our way to San Francisco then Clinton, NY. I've  noticed a lot of pictures of me alone, and "Ya know"... I'm a small part of a large band. So here's Mark McCrite (what I call 'visiting') me on stage. Visiting is fun in this band. A great bunch to tour with. We will have a 'guest' drummer on this tour as Chris Quirarte had prior committments and can't make these couple dates. We will have Jay Schellen from "ASIA - featuring John Payne" with us for this tour. Welcome aboard as we'll "Visit" onstage and have a blast.

As we are at least on the "Tour a month club" as I call it, the shows are getting easier. This is Progressive Rock so I tend to 'pay attention' to how the rather lengthy songs go. Add to that the numerous time changes and you could find yourself looking for a 'slide ruler' to navigate your way back into the song! 

Now, we've got a few tours and rehearsals under our belt so the playing is fun and easy. All the time changes feel like 4/4 even when they are 14/8. It's a lot of fun that way, you feel like, "Oh this feels great, what a nice song, I think I'll go visits Mark, or Jim, Chris... "Oh look Eriks got a fortress of keyboards around him" (and that wall of lights behind him is also part of his keyboard rig!), I'll go knock on his door for a visit.
And so with eyes closed, I salute you all and envision seeing you all at the next gig! EXCELLENT!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

"The DonSchiff store" Who Knew?

Ahhhh here we are accepting the Classic Rock Society award from our Rotherham, England show. Yep, still don't remember what the award was for BUT, we sure look happy and are very appreciative. With luck, We'll do it again next year.

Come visit my store on CafePress!
click the above words!
Sure, buy a mug (it's got my 'mug' plastered all over' it". Need a coaster!? Want a Pillow, Hey how 'bout a clock!? Time to look and see what they've got. I went a little crazy when I saw all the stuff you could put a picture on.

Alright, next tour is coming up. San Francisco, Clinton, New York
"ALL ABOOOOAARRD!" It's gonna be a fun trip. I'm going to make a side trip to Philadelphia then Wilmington, Delaware to see my family. These Rocket Scientists tours are travelin' all over now so it's nice I'll get to visit so many more friends and family.

On the last tour to Vancouver a wonderful woman "Donna" approached me and asked if I would take a picture with this 'doll' she makes. She then sells the pictures of the doll with the artist and the money goes to charity. Who could resist such a nice thing. (and my mind wonders, with me in it, "Who would buy such a picture!?" .) but regardless I did it in hopes that it helps out.( to view the cause.

So now I have a nice doll, (you get to keep it after the photo) thank you so much Donna. I'm thinkin' I'm going to take this doll on tour and make it like "The Traveling Gnome" that gets it's picture taken all over the world. That'll be fun. "I'll send you pictures Donna!" I need a name for the doll.