Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Happy Thanksgiving!"


"I am thankful (very thankful) for you being here and reading this. I wish you and your family a 'wonderful, beautiful' meal with loved ones around."

Personally I will do the same and eat pumpkin pie before and after our meal. I ate a pumpkin pie last week as well... to prepare!?!?

"To eat the next one this week!" lol.

I like to put a slice of pumpkin pie in the freezer! Then later I can hold it and eat it like a "PieSicle!" Ohhhhh it's GooOooOooOOoD!

(I think this guy in the bottom right corner feels he knows us - he keeps staring).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"Don't Touch That Dial"

So I'm getting a HD camera to start a show featuring stories, sessions and tours I take. It will be a lot of fun. Kind of like reading this - except we'll watch, we'll laugh, we'll be entertained!

Suggestions are welcome while I'm brainstorming for things I'd like to show and play.
Hey while on tour I'll duck tape the camera to my head, I don't jump around to much or do flips on stage...(okay not at all) so it would be a pretty steady cam. Lol.
I've got stories to tell old and new. It'll be fun.

Heres something new from old. I just 'youtubed' Cliff Morrisson". He is said to be the son of Jim Morrison (looks and sounds like his dad). I played on his first "Lizard Sun Band" CD. Interesting young man at that time livin' out his father's reputation of "wild drug" behavior. A loose cannon to say the least at that time. He went to prison within a year of releasing that album. I thought he went away for life BUT no, he's out with "The Lizard Sun" band II.
I watched the video on YouTube and it's nice to see him more relaxed and focused.

Currently I'm working on 4 sessions out of my home studio. I then send my tracks over to the 'main' remote studios via internet (anywhere in the world) and the tune or project gets completed there. I finished two sessions that exported to Canada last week. Very nice songs and session. I played NS/Stick and Bowed guitar. I look forward to 'showing' that in our "Tv show" when the camera gets set up. Ohhhh We're gonna have FUN! Kind of our own musical "Soupy Sales Show" I hope.

One particular session I'm trying to finish today is for a young Rap artist "Mike P". He has a clever tune/rap about his life as a "Hells Angel Biker", of which he is. If I get the 'camera' set up in time before these sessions end for him, he'll be on one of the first "Tv" shows we can watch. Maybe we can a shot of him "Roaring" into the studio! That would be fun, 'noisy' but fun.

I had a picture of "Mike P" in full "Hells Angels" jacket and such but I can't find it. So we'll save it for our Tv show.

Okay lets get this 'posting' out so I don't have to feel so guilty that the last one was "Halloween", yikes time flies.

Hey once I get the "Tv show" running I can say things like "Don't Touch That Dial" and "As seen on TV" and

"We now return you to your regularly scheduled - life"