Friday, May 21, 2010

"Pole Epilogue"

This is a follow up to the previous post of the "Pole Dance" club gig. We sent our roving reporter "Jackie Chin" to shoot some video of occasion. Have a look and a laugh.

I played a club gig that featured my songs and NS/Stick with 'vertical pole' dancers. Kind a "Cirque du Soleil" meets pole dancing. It was a blast. A 15ft pole and these lovely, limber , gymnastic (in hot looking clothing) ladies do some wonderful dancing. Once you get over the hot looking clothing ya get pretty impressed with the choreography and maneuvers. Sure it took me a moment to put my eyes back in my head when they first came out, and the 4 minute tunes managed to become 8 minutes as I ambled on playing and watching. I figured "Oh the songs about to end and she's still 15 feet up that pole upside down. I guess it would nice of me to keep some music going until she decides to come back down 'so's not to leave here literally HANGIN'! ......Funny stuff rolls through your head in those situations as you have to think on your feet while playing..... And heck! I've been in tougher spots before. (Wavy screen dream sequence coming)

"I was playing this Las Vegas revue. And during the rehearsal of the show there was this part where this incredibly beautiful woman comes out and sings a number that starts with me playing a walking bass line.... So she walks to the edge of the stage, looks down at me in the pit..."snaps her fingers four times" and thats my cue to begin. Great I got it, I can count to four. Flawless, she walks out to the edge of the stage, looks down in the pit where I am, gives me the snap, snap, snap, snap, cue and boom I'm in and everyones happy, rehearsal moves on.

Showtime! That evening the show starts and is going great. It comes to this rehearsed part and I'm all ready, Lights dim to silence. A follow spot light appears and out this beautiful woman comes from the shadows to the edge of the stage, she looks down, I look up.......... to see the biggest set of naked knockers I'd ever seen in my young life!!...... snap, snap, snap, snap....., snap, snap!.SNAP!! SNAPPPPP!!!!!(with a horrific scowl nowl!!!) SNAPSNAPSNAPSNAP

"I didn't know it was a topless revue show!", she was fully clothed in rehearsal! I was caught by total surprise - needless to say she never spoke to me.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pole Position

I'll be playing some new music and trying out some new sounds at:
Club GOOD HURT MONDAY MAY 3RD 9pm Don Schiff $10.00
12249 Venice Blvd, West Los Angeles, 90066
"I'm not quite sure what to expect at this club as they feature
Cirque du Soleil style Pole Dancers.
Should prove interesting and I'll do my best to pole dance, sing and play."